What's SportFreeze™?
• Instant Pain Relief
• Advanced Formula
• Roll-On Gel

The latest innovation in natural pain recovery. Produced to perfection in one of the highest rated FDA registered manufacturing facilities in the USA. All products are tested for purity and meet the highest quality standards.

Does it really work?
Meet your new workout partner!
Once you try SportFreeze™ you'll never use another product for muscle pain relief.

Instant Pain Relief
Our Advanced Formula guarantees instant gratification. You will feel a cooling and calming sensation within minutes. SportFreeze™ relaxes the muscles and relieves the pain instantly.

What are the Monthly Subscription terms?
You’ll get 1 (one) SportFreeze™ every month starting from the date of purchase.
Choose your strength. 500 MG OR 1500 MG.
You can CANCEL anytime by simply emailing us at: info@getsportfreeze.com
That's it! Simple.

Where do you ship? 
We currently ship to all 50 states in the U.S.A.


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